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How to Safely Wear a Necktie

Neckties are basically the principal accessories for men. Men generally looked formal with neckties on. Neckties helped every man looked smart. Neckties does not only boost a man’s clothing but also it would help him make a good impression to the people. A man must learn more on how to choose the perfect tie for his clothing and skin color. If a man wears a wrong necktie, it would result to disaster. In the corporate world women can also flaunt with neckties, not only men. To be able to look smart, you should follow the proper way to wear a tie.

Upon choosing a necktie, it’s best to remember to feel first the fabric of the tie. Before paying to check first the fabric. Choice a tie that is silky because this can hold shapes perfectly and durable. Another material to choose is wool, it may not be as perfect as the silk but it also can be worn nicely. Silk and wool are more preferably perfect than cotton ties because this cotton ties are prone to wrinkling which would cause more mess. Although their are a lot of guides and choices, you must also remember to choice based on your preference. But their are few things that you should consider before choosing the color of your tie. Read more about contrasting and complementing. A total contrast would be best if the shirt complements the tie you are wearing. A simple illustration with this is that dark compliments with light, and light compliments with dark. You can still pick your favorite color but always remember that they should be in different shade for them to compliment each other. Picking a premier color that would match the tie would help to compliment a checked, striped and printed shirts. Neckties with patterned designs can be tricky. Keep in mind that either the tie or the shirt under should have the solid color for them to compliment each other.

Studies rise up and shows that neckties becomes a carrier of germs, with these, medical practitioners spread germs from one patient to the other. Primarily, doctors are not wearing neckties at work because of the studies conducted.

Try to avoid tight wearing neckties, because this can cause more of your blood pressure to go high. Studies claimed that high blood pressure can also cause glaucoma. Avoid also to wear neckties when operating rotating machines because this might be caught in the machine and can kill you.

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