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Combating Canada Opioid Crisis

Canada has been affected as a country by the many death cases that emanate from over usage of opioids hence generating an opioid crisis. The government is conducting researches aiming at identifying whether the epidemic is endangering the life expectancy of the Canadian people since the mortality cases continue increasing. This crisis has affected a lot of families and communities in all provinces and territories of Canada. The government more so the Public Health Agency of Canada need to come up with strategies that will help reduce the opioid related harm and deaths.

2016 recorded two thousand nine hundred death cases due to overuse of opioids and these cases increased by 34% in 2017. Some of the registered deaths were deliberately influenced while majority of them were accidental. The use of fentanyl has overly contributed to these severe consequences of opioid deaths and has been one of the primary causes of these accidental deaths. Seemingly, Canada is the second country in the world to record many opioid related deaths and also in prescription. In 2017, over 21 million opioid prescriptions were administered.

There is need to combat the overall usage of fentanyl and dispense it from the streets completely. The fentanyl available in the streets are illegally smuggled from China and The US and other places. Therefore, the government is overly determined to enhance their border securities in order to prevent fentanyl from being smuggled into Canada through the borders.

$232 million was set aside from the federal budget by the Canadian government in order to help fight this opioid epidemic. The money shall be used to avail treatment for all the populaces in different provinces and territories, avail enhanced security measures at the borders and eventually help conduct researches and analyze the data received. $150 million has been allocated to all provinces and territories in order to help avail treatment for all the addicts and opioids affected persons. Around $32 million has been set aside for the enhancing of security measures in order to combat the overall smuggling of fentanyl into Canada.

In order to help the opioid addicts, doctors and medical practitioners can now administer heroin and methadone. This comes after the government legalized the prescription of these medical drugs. Consequently, Canada targets on recording a lesser number of opioid epidemic deaths. The government will always help teach and train the general populaces on the effects of fentanyl and how it affects persons using opioids.

The Canadian government, provinces, territories, communities and families have suffered the loss of their loved ones. Therefore, restrictions must be availed as soon as possible to ensure that these mortality cases are condensed and eventually controlled. The Canadian populaces should also collaborate with the government and the health agency in order to fight this catastrophe.

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